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Wiki Acceptable Use Procedure:

  • All Hanover School Division staff with email accounts are invited and encouraged to use the Hanover Wiki.
  • Users should not expect that files stored on Division servers are private.
  • The Hanover Wiki may only be used for purposes of furthering education through collaboration and the sharing of information with colleagues, students and the home.
  • No personally identifiable student information or student work may be posted on any Hanover School Division Wikis.
  • Students may NOT be added as editing members of the Hanover School Division wiki or its school wikis.
  • Teachers may invite students to become editing members of their course or classroom wikis as long as the wiki is private. That is, only members can view the wiki pages. Private wikispaces for student collaboration must be requested from the IT Dept. The IT Dept. will also create student user accounts as necessary.
  • Teachers will ensure that no third party code (including widgets) may be embedded in wikis that have been set as private, in order to protect the privacy of their students.
  • Teachers are responsible for editing, maintaining, and proofreading their course and classroom wikis to ensure that they are positive and safe places for students.

For additional information please refer to the Technology Acceptable Use Policy and the Guidelines for School Websites available on the Hanover School Division Website. Excerpts as of Oct, 2008 appear below. For the complete policy please visit the Technology Acceptable Use Policy on our HSD Website.

Posting Photographs on School Websites

  • Group or action pictures of students and classrooms may be posted, providing individual names do not accompany the picture.
  • Individual head and shoulder photos of students are generally to be avoided and may only be used with a signed permission form. First name only should be used. Refer to the form entitled “Parent Permission Form for Web Publishing of Student Photograph”.
  • Individual staff pictures may be used only with the prior consent of the staff member.

Posting Student Work on School Websites

  • Permission is required from both the student and the parent before posting student work on school websites. Refer to the form entitled “Parent Permission Form for World Wide Web Publishing of Student Work”
  • Student work should appear with a copyright notice prohibiting the copying of such work without express written permission.
  • In the event that permission is requested to copy a student’s work, such requests will be forwarded to the parent or guardian.
  • Student work is to be identified only by a student’s first name.

Identifying Recipients of School Awards or Special Honors

  • In instances where list of students (i.e. award winners) are published in local newspapers or in the school newsletter, the information is in the public domain and schools may therefore identify such award winners by first and last name on their websites, providing pictures do not accompany the list.