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Curriculum Support Office and CST Directory - CST Office is now located at Stonybrook Middle School.

To get in touch with individual CSTs, send an e-mail or leave a voice message. All CSTs have HSD e-mail accounts and a wiki.(See contact details and links below; please note that the direct e-mail links in the far right column may not work if you are using web based e-mail).You may also contact the CST Support Office:
CST Secretary
Pat Moule
Email: pmoule@hsd.ca
Phone: 204-326-4224
Secretary Hours

Early Years Literacy
CST Contact: Martha Reimer
Wiki: http://cstela.wikis.hsd.ca
Email: mreimer@hsd.ca

Middle Years Literacy / K-12 Assessment
CST Contact: Barb Galessiere
Wiki: http://cstela.wikis.hsd.ca
Email: bgalessiere @hsd.ca
Phone: 204-371-2995
Modern Languages
CST Contact: Lucie Boutet
Wiki: http://modernlanguages.wikis.hsd.ca
Email: lboutet@hsd.ca
Phone: 204-392-3405

Physical Education/Health
CST Contact: Corrine Thiessen
Wiki: http://cstpehe.wikis.hsd.ca
Email: cthiessen@hsd.ca
Phone: 204-371-9857

Early Years Numeracy
CST Contact: Kim Koop
Wiki: http://numeracy.wikis.hsd.ca
Email: kkoop@hsd.ca
Phone: 204-392-9577

Middle Years Numeracy
CST Contact: Linda Girling
Wiki: http://numeracy.wikis.hsd.ca
Email: lgirling@hsd.ca
Phone: T.B.A.
Early / Middle Years Science
CST Contact: Tony Donkersloot
Wiki: Coming Soon
Email: tdonkersloot@hsd.ca
Phone: T.B.A.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)
CST Contact: Val Schellenberg
Wiki: http://csteal.wikis.hsd.ca
Email: vschellenberg@hsd.ca
Phone: 204-371-9573

Senior Years Math/Science
CST Contact: Anne Reimer
Wiki: http://mathscience.wikis.hsd.ca
Email: areimer@hsd.ca
Phone: 204-371-9718

Visual Arts
CST Contact: Ryan Loeppky
Wiki: Coming Soon
Email: rloeppky@hsd.ca
Phone: 204-392-4723

Visual Arts - Music/Drama
CST Contact: Murray Lawrence
Wiki: Coming Soon
Email: mlawrence@hsd.ca
Phone: 204-392-3956

Education for a Sustainable Future
CST Contact: Russ Dirks
Wiki: http://esd.wikis.hsd.ca
(Social Studies) http://cstss.wikis.hsd.ca
Email: rdirks@hsd.ca
Phone: 204-371-2994