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Hanover School Division
Wikis at Work

Hanover is a student-centred school division striving for excellence while
developing skills and promoting values for a productive and wholesome life.

See what's going on at our schools, how we're integrating technology, or getting some great ideas from our CSTs. Then there's the Best Educational Websites list. Teachers that want to learn how to make a wiki are welcome to come play in the sandbox. Try out anything you want. . . just remember anything you make in a sandbox, doesn't last very long.

Wiki Pages

A wiki is a website that teachers can use to post homework, handouts, classroom information, and student work. Wikis are provided as an additional option for teachers to support communication with the home and to enhance learning where appropriate.

A growing number of teachers are using Wikis in their classrooms. For the remainder of the school year, teachers will be experimenting and learning how to use wikis. During this time there will be a gradual increase in the use of this new technology by teachers in Hanover School Division.